ALPFA Seattle 2017 Gala Student Ticket Application
The Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) Seattle Chapter and lead partner Boeing are pleased to host the annual ALPFA Seattle Gala.  ALPFA is the largest Latino association, consisting of over 80,000 members nationwide.  The mission of ALPFA is to empower and develop Latinos as leaders of character for the nation in every sector of the American and global market.  ALPFA works toward this mission by hosting professional development events and celebrations such as this gala.  

The ALPFA Seattle 12th Annual Gala will occur on December 2nd, 2017 at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, WA.  Students selected to attend will be treated to a formal dinner and will be seated with ALPFA Seattle corporate partners.

The deadline to apply for a complimentary ticket is November 25, 2017.  Tickets are limited, so students are encouraged to apply early.  Submitting an application does not guarantee admittance to the gala.

Applicants must:
- Be an undergraduate student, graduate student or a recent graduate (May/June 2017)
- Be available to volunteer at the gala
- Have an interest in ALPFA and its mission

If you have any questions, please contact Tony Abreu, VP of Student Affairs, at
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Selected students will be notified on a rolling basis. Seating arrangements for which company you'll be sitting with will be announced during the final week leading up to the gala.

There will be a waitlist for students if we exceed our seating capacity, if you are placed on the waitlist, please check your phone/email frequently in case other students drop out, we will need to move quickly to be able to fill that seat.

For additional information please contact our VP of Student Affairs - Tony Abreu - at:
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